Promote us at your show as a

KRonozio Ambassador

Looking for a way to earn while promoting Kronozio at your card show?

Join our team as a Kronozio Ambassador and promote our brand and ecosystem at your trade show. As an expert in your field, your passion and knowledge can help us reach and engage with fellow collectors. Apply today and share your love for our product with others!

Kronozio will Provide you Everything you need to start

Promotional Cards

Enhance your trade show experience with our ambassador program. Let us generate, print and send cards with a unique QR code linked to your account for easy sales tracking. Simply inform us of your expected attendees, and we’ll take care of the rest. Join us today and maximize your earnings at your next event!

Promotional Banners

Display your Kronozio Ambassador status with pride at your next event! We’ll send you a special 2.5′ x 6′ banner to showcase your affiliation with our brand. Let everyone know that you’re part of our team and help spread the word about our product. Apply today to receive your ambassador banner!

Scannable Promo Stands

Make the most of every opportunity by engaging potential clients right at the entrance of your event! We’ll provide you with two desk stands featuring your own unique QR code. Use one to promote our popular entry-level product, which often leads to higher-priced purchases, and the other for easy scanning. Apply now and take your sales strategy to the next level!

Benefits of being a Kronozio Ambassador

As one of our early ambassadors, you have the potential to earn more money by getting in on the ground floor of our program. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to maximize your earnings while helping us spread the word about our product. Apply now and start earning as a valued member of the Kronozio team!


worth of free Kronozio products for you!

This deal is valid for one year from the date of the show, and can be repeated for each subsequent show.

The Pro version of Kronocard

As a card show organizer, we know you’re passionate about card collecting. To become the best possible Kronozio Ambassador, try out all our products! As an authorized ambassador, you’ll receive our Pro version software with all the features! Apply today and unlock the full potential of Kronozio’s tools and resources!

250,000 credits of AI auto-documentation

As a leader in card collection technology, our best selling point is our proprietary AI system for auto-documenting cards. As a Kronozio Ambassador, you’ll receive 250,000 automatic documentation credits to experience the full power of our system. Join our team today and take your card collection organization to the next level with the help of our state-of-the-art technology!

eBay connector

While selling on without listing fees is a significant advantage, listing on eBay, the largest marketplace in the world, can also provide valuable benefits, such as increased traffic and visibility. As a Kronozio Ambassador, you’ll have access to our eBay connector 5000, which allows you to manage and list cards on eBay with the power and simplicity of Kronocard. Join our team today and unlock the full potential of our platform for all your selling needs!

Expectations for Kronozio Ambassadors

Present Kronozio as a sponsor

Throughout the duration of your event, we kindly request that you mention Kronozio as a sponsor whenever possible. This will help raise awareness of our brand and partnership with your event.

Share on social media

To help us spread the word about Kronozio and our sponsorship of the show, we request that you share at least five posts on your social media channels. Your posts should highlight our product and the benefits of using Kronozio.

Booth Reservation

Whenever possible, we will make every effort to attend your show in person. If we are able to attend, we kindly request that a regular booth be reserved for us at no cost. However, please note that with over 1200 shows per year and our base in Canada, it may not be possible for us to attend every show.