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Text CONNECT to 686868

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Text HOME to 741741

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Call 1-800-668-6868
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Suicide & Crisis Lifeline

PLEO (Parents Lifelines of Eastern Ontario), is a non-profit family peer support organization for parents whose children (to age 25), are facing mental health challenges. PLEO provides support through their parents’ helpline, parent support groups, and mobile one-on-one support.

PLEO Website

AccessMHA is a regionally coordinated service that helps people in eastern Ontario find services for mental health and substance use health issues, all while supporting you through the process. AccessMHA can also connect you to a person with lived expertise to better help understand the process and recommend other peer-based services.

AccessMHA Website

Why Kronozio’s engagement with the DIFD cause?

Mental health is important to Kronozio, young athletes and sports fans
Kronozio is participating in fundraising for the Do It For Daron (DIFD) cause at the Royal Ottawa Foundation for Mental Health. Daron, her friends and her family, have always been very involved in sports and hockey in particular: co-founder Luke Richardson is the coach of the Chicago Blackhwaks and was a professional hockey player himself. Mental health is important to us at Kronozio, as well as to young atheletes and sports fans everywhere.

Why Kronozio is involved
Kronozio co-founders Jonathan and David are parents of teenagers and were touched by Daron’s story as well as the mission of the DIFD cause. We believe that mental health is just as important as physical health, and we want to support efforts to raise awareness and provide support to those who are struggling. It was clear to us that we had to be a part of this cause and contribute to the effort, along with so many others, in raising money and informing people about this important reality.

What DIFD does
The DIFD cause supports education, awareness, and research initiatives that encourage young people to talk openly about mental illness and seek help when needed. It was inspired by the tragic story of Daron Richardson, a 14-year-old who died by suicide in 2010. Daron’s parents, Luke and Stephanie Richardson, turned their pain into a call-to-action to support young people struggling with mental illness. This grassroots movement aims to create awareness, inspire conversations, and transform youth mental health.

How to contribute
You can contribute in two ways: subscribe to Kronozio’s sports card collecting service from this page, and a percentage of the proceeds are donated to DIFD! We also have provided a link to contribute funds directly to DIFD.

Thank you!
Through the help of generous corporate partners and community events, DIFD raises thousands of dollars each year to support youth mental health research and education led by The Royal. We’re proud to be a part of this effort and hope that our contribution can make a difference in the lives of young people who need it the most.

Kronozio’s Initial Goal$265 of $10,000
$265 of $10,000
Please note that the counter is updated every 24h or more.

Our conversation with Luke and Stephanie Richardson

How to contribute

Subscribe to Kronozio for sports cards collecting

Using this link to subscribe to Kronozio products:

Proceeds are donated to DIFD. Use this link yourselves, share it with your friends and network.

Donate Directly to DIFD

Use this form to donate directly to DIFD.

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March 24, 2023

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March 7, 2023

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David Lafond

March 7, 2023

Follow me on that journey to encourage young people to ask for help when needed.

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Do It For Daron: How You Can Support Youth Mental Health and Make a Difference

Make a Difference: Donate to the DIFD Cause and Support Youth Mental Health

Donate: You can make a donation to the Royal Ottawa Foundation for Mental Health to support the DIFD cause. Your contribution can help fund research and education initiatives that promote mental health awareness and support for young people.

Raise Awareness: Attend or Host an Event for the DIFD Cause

Attend or host an event: You can attend or host an event to raise awareness and funds for the cause. This could include a charity walk, run, or other physical activity, a benefit concert or auction, or a social media campaign to spread awareness.

How to Get Involved: Volunteer for DIFD

Volunteer: You can volunteer your time and skills to support the DIFD cause. This could include volunteering at an event, helping with fundraising or outreach efforts, or sharing your personal story to help raise awareness.

Be an Advocate: Speak Up for Youth Mental Health and Advocate for Change

Advocate: You can advocate for mental health awareness and support by sharing information and resources with your community, contacting your elected officials to advocate for policy changes, or using social media to spread the word.

Learn and Support: Educate Yourself and Others About Mental Health to Reduce Stigma and Promote Support

Learn: You can educate yourself and others about mental health by reading books, attending webinars or conferences, or seeking out mental health resources and support services in your community. By learning more about mental health, you can help reduce stigma and promote support for those who are struggling.