Release Notes

With AI Search!

New in 2.7

  • We are excited to introduce the Kronocard AI Search in this latest version! There’s no longer a need to navigate through the complex Query Manager to conduct searches using multiple parameters. Simply use natural language, and our AI will understand and process your queries.

New in

  • Added a confirmation message when submitting 3 days auctions as eBay are charging fees.
  • Fixed an issue when editing a box by double-clicking on the icons. Sometimes, it was loading cards from other similar numbered boxes.
  • Many other minor fixes.

Fixes in

  • Resolved an issue that caused the search not working for users without the Pro version.

Fixes in 2.7

  • Resolved an issue that caused login failures and instability in Kronocard, which occurred exclusively when changing the Kronozio account password.
  • Addressed a problem where icons on the left panel could disappear under certain conditions. This issue has now been fixed.
  • Implemented modifications to the eBay description template rendering, applicable only when using a custom template.
  • Introduced a fix for the Export Add-On to ensure files are overwritten if they already exist in the target folder.
  • Fixed a possible error when opening Kronocard; some users were receiving the “Can’t open ebmap.ini” error.
  • Made adjustments to the eBay description template: when using a custom template, all values are now correctly displayed.

AI Related

  • Added support for One Piece gaming cards to Kronocard and the AI.
  • Implemented new mechanisms in Kronozio AI to improve matching for old Pokémon and Magic cards.
  • Pokémon in French is now supported! (Beta)

New features & adjustments:

New version that include many enhancement for new user trying Kronocard for the first time. Also some interesting fixes and features asked by current users. 

  • Video Tutorial System: Fully integrated tutorial system added to Kronocard for enhanced user guidance. We will add tons of new videos and tips in the coming weeks. Sam our tutorial specialist is working fulltime on video tutorials!

  • Added “D” quality level to Kronocard, complementing existing A, B, and C levels, aligning with eBay standards.
    A: Near Mint or Better B: Excellent C: Very Good D: Poor

  • Improved initial Kronocard setup to facilitate new users’ experience.

  • Revised and fine-tuned initial Kronocard setup to streamline user onboarding.

  • Kronocard now automatically injects correct Ricoh parameters for multifeed detection.

  • Added option to export only CVS files (excluding images) through the export mechanism.

  • Added option to export with filename matching the card SKU (Location).
  • Implemented mechanism to remember last used scanning types in the Import module.

  • Category list in the category manager now sorted alphabetically for easier navigation.

  • Default selection of all categories during initial Kronocard setup for new installations (users can customize in settings).


  • eBay Sync Fixes

  • Resolved crash issue for eBay connector occurring with new users.

  • Fixed issue where Kronocard refused to change status from SLD or SHP to other statuses.

  • Addressed problem causing cards to get stuck indefinitely in the queue while sending high quantities to eBay via the connector.

  • Fixed issue with Ricoh SV600 scanner regarding paper size and orientation.

  • Fixed inaccuracies in AI credit counter.

  • Major fix that was preventing user to send cards to the AI when installing Kronocard for the first time.

  • Many other small fixes


  • Fix to the Export CSV feature. In some circumstances, the CSV was empty.


This version is finally the most stable version since 2.5
It is strongly recommended to install this one as there is important fixes.

  • Changed the eBay Sync to use the endTime of listings, ensuring that no listing is more than 30 days old.
  • Removed auto-accept in the LMS call to allow price modifications for listings.
  • Fixed the issue with Domestic shipping that omitted the $20 option.
  • Completely rewrote the code for improved handling of listing, modifying, and removing eBay listings.
  • Implemented new LMS compression for eBay listings, increasing the capacity from 500 to 25,000 listings per call and reducing the risk of hitting eBay’s LMS rate limit.
  • Made multiple fixes in the Sync to eBay feature.
  • Integrated multi-feed detection for the Ricoh autofeeder scanner in Kronocard, removing the need for user intervention.
  • Resolved an issue where relisting a card after removing a scheduled listing was not functioning properly.


  • Fixed an issue with the eBay Sync mechanism that failed to retrieve all cards. It now successfully fetches all active listings using the endDateTime parameter.
  • Resolved a frequent multi-feed problem in the fi-8170 caused by a recent update in the Ricoh Driver. More details can be found in this article: Ricoh fi-8170 Fix
  • Addressed a bug that halted communication when a task was deleted before processing.
  • Corrected an issue occurring when the computer enters sleep mode or is restarted. In some instances, the eBay connector was unable to communicate with the eBay server until the service was restarted.
  • Removed the Auto-Accept feature in LMS calls, which was preventing users from changing prices due to an auto-accept value lower than the modified price.
  • Fixed a problem with the eBay standard envelope for cards valued at $20 or less that was disappearing intermittently. This issue has now been resolved.
  • Improved the Kronozio AI V2 to correctly document cards. This addresses instances where cards previously processed correctly in V1 were documented incorrectly or not at all in V2.

  • We are please to announce that we are now supporting the Disney Lorcana cards for card documentation!
  • When Kronocard no longer appears synchronized with your eBay store, we have now added a new ‘Sync eBay to Kronocard’ status mechanism. This process can be time-consuming if you have many cards; it is intended for use only when there are too many cards with differing status between Kronocard and eBay. eBay is the master source. We don’t add or modify anything on eBay, only in Kronocard. When done, restart Kronocard to update the icons quantities.

  • We have also introduced a new message mechanism for Kronozio to provide important information.

Fixes 2.6.5:

  • Fixed a bug that prevented Australian users from listing on
  • Fixed a problem with ‘UnitSeparator’ breaking the eBay call.
  • Addressed several issues related to adding, modifying, or removing listings using the eBay connector.
  • Fixed an issue where the Grader is empty but there is a value in the Grade field.”


  • A fix for the eBay Sync mechanism that was not getting all cards if listed more than 30 days ago. Now getting 24 months back.


New in 2.6.2: Since last summer, eBay has removed the fees for scheduling a listing. There are multiple advantages for our users when they use the eBay scheduling system. We have modified the Kronocard scheduling system so that when a card is scheduled, it is submitted right away to eBay and displayed in your Scheduled Listings with the selected date and time. This also means that once everything is on eBay, you can close your computer. More information Here.

  • The new eBay condition descriptor is now part of the eBay connector.
  • We are now using the Large Merchant Listing for eBay to list faster.
  • Export now has an option to export sold and shipped cards too.
  • It’s finally here, use your own custom SKU on eBay listings!
  • We are now using a more secure eBay authorization for the eBay connector.
  • It’s now possible to export from the date scan tree view.
  • Now, the card’s sold price is displayed in the grid view and card editing view.
  • Added Value$ and Client SKU in the query manager search.
  • When scheduling cards to list on eBay, it now retains the shipping parameters.
  • Now, we are displaying the remaining credits for the AI documentation in the AI panel.
  • The eBay store category list is now sorted alphabetically.
  • New parameters for the search on marketplaces box.
  • Add an option to force eBay listings to be as new listings, not relists.
  • Now the eBay GetOrder is called every 5 minutes instead of 15 minutes.
  • Now, we are displaying the scanner model in the Scan App banner.
  • Some adjustments have been made to the eBay description template.
  • Add a “No Duplicate Results” checkbox on the search.
  • New message when sending cards to AI documentation.
  • Now supporting AI documentation for Racing and Wresling (Beta)
eBay new condition descriptor: More information here

Fixes in 2.6.1

  • Fix for UK customers who were unable to list items.
  • Fix for the 7160 that was studently showing the multi-feeding error. (To be confirmed)
  • Resolved an issue where eBay communication would stop and not resume.
  • The troublesome Kronozio.ttf font!!! Is now part of the software and no more an extra font to install.
  • When receiving an eBay message that displays “Fail” beneath the card, after consulting with eBay, we now have a way to display the actual error! This makes it easier for the customer, our support, and programming team to understand the problem

Fixes in 2.6.0

  • Fix for the eBay mark as shipped that stopped working with 2.5.0
  • Fix for a intermittent problem for some user that was getting a XML crash error. It’s fixed now.

Fixes in 2.5.9

  • Fix for the Ricoh fi-8170 that was showing a message about multi-feed detection.
  • In some cases, it was not possible to remove cards on eBay, this is now fixed.
  • You should have a lot less NOT FOUND ON EBAY, the one remaining are real problem with the listing. In the next release, the generic FAIL status will show the read reason of the fail.
  • Added a fix that in some situation the GetOrder from eBay was crashing.
  • Some other minor fixes.

Fixes in 2.5.7

  • Fixed the installer that was not working properly
  • Some additional fixes when listing auctions.

Fixes in 2.5.7

  • In some cases, orders from eBay were not successfully loaded into Kronocard. Now, they should all be correctly identified.
  • Previously, when trying to relist an auction, Kronocard was unable to relist and would simply stop trying. This issue should be fixed now.
  • Removing an auction already on eBay was mentioned as successful in Kronocard but was unable to remove the card from eBay. This has been addressed.
  • Listing a huge batch of cards on eBay at the same time would crash the new eBay LMS system. Now, cards are grouped in batches of 500 and will continue until they are all listed.
  • Listing auctions sometimes resulted in an “Ended without sale” status returning a couple of minutes later. This issue should now be fixed.

Fixes in 2.5.5

  • Another fix for the eBay connector connection/authorization

Fixes in 2.5.4

  • Best offers button on eBay is back
    You can batch update to get the button on cards already listed.
  • Fixed an issue when a shipping service is not found.
  • Fixed the Global Shipping Program also missing in listings.
  • Other small fixes.

Fixes in 2.5.0

  • The missing eBay Global Shipping checkbox has been added to the batch eBay updater.
  • Adding multiple instances of the same shipping service for eBay is no longer allowed.
  • It was possible to change the quality to empty in some interfaces, but this has been fixed.
  • The eBay store category selector is now in alphabetical order.
  • The issue with item-specific swap between Grade and Grader has been fixed.
  • Item-specific remapping of text is now working as expected.
  • The auto-accept and auto-decline options can now be removed in some situations where they couldn’t be before.
  • An issue where eBay refused to list cards with two of the same shipping service has been resolved.
  • A problem that prevented changing a status from SLD to NOT has been fixed.
  • A fix has been implemented for auto-accept and auto-decline when modifying a card on eBay.
  • A crash related to the eBay GetDiscount profile has been resolved.
  • Some adjustments have been made to image compression when an image is rotated.
  • A fix has been applied for the eBay title order, ensuring it matches between Kronocard and eBay.
  • The export delimiter is now set to “;”.
  • It is no longer possible to change the price of a card with a status of SLD.
  • Export options have been swapped to prevent confusion.
  • The AI database is now included in the backup mechanism.
  • The password text is now cleared when checking the “show password” option.
  • Many other minor fixes

  • Closing the zoomed image in the scanner interface is now fixed.
  • Fixed an issue for the Fujitsu 65F that was no more cropping cards.
  • Show password in the login now clear the password.
  • Many other bug fixed

  • Kronocard is now a 64bits program. It can use more than 2Gb of memory.
  • New scanner supported: Fujitsu fi-65F, Fujitsu SV600 and Fujitsu SP-1130 More information here
  • You can now batch search eBay listings in Kronocard using an eBay item list.
  • Added the card position in the section of the Export add-on file.
  • You can now use the Export addon and export any level of you inventory Full inventory, Box, Row or section. The Export button is now at all levels in the tree view.
  • Now every paid optional product unlock the 2500 cards limit of the free version
  • Fix for crash in AIData database
  • The scanner option button is now back for all scanners to edit scanner settings before scanning.
  • Fix for page size capability
  • Fixed issue for AI database not created
  • Fixed issue for sale status for buy and auction
  • Many other small fixes

  • None
  • Fixed a bug that prevented new user to scan card asking to buy the Pro.
  • Fixed a crash when starting Kronocard and the AI DB was not found.

  • Export file now contains all information including location
  • Added serial number to invoice
  • Removed password in the delete card action
  • Improved search link for TCG cards
  • New eBay connector credit calculator
  • Added Franchise item specific for none sports cards
  • It’s no more possible to open multiple instances of Kronocard to prevent confusion and data lost.
  • Now any paid plan unlock the 2500 cards scan limit of the Free version
  • Cropping icon was missing
  • Black border option was no more working
  • The new AI DB was not indexed and was slow
  • Fixed eBay shipping link
  • Fixed many other minor bugs

  • None
  • Fixed a crash related to AI database
  • Patch for item specific.
  • Many other small bug fixes

ATTENTION!! First start of Kronocard can hang for several minutes, please wait it is fixing the issue!

  • None
  • Scanner issues
  • Put back checkbox for 1.9Twain supporting old scanners
  • Many small bug fixes