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List up to 1 cards on eBay
Save more than $1 on fees
Document up to 1 cards using AI

All The Details

Yes, this is an exclusive deal for both new and existing Canadian collectors who are using, or plan to use, Kronocard for listing on eBay.ca.

With a Kronocard Pro Premium
subscription, you get:


AI-Powered Documentation

Document your card collection effortlessly using the powerful Kronozio AI technology. With Kronocard Pro Premium, you receive 250,000 credits, allowing for extensive documentation and organization of your collection, making management and tracking simpler and more efficient.


eBay Listing Advantage

Enjoy the privilege of listing up to 11,000 cards on eBay without incurring any Basic store fees for a full 12 months. This benefit is ideal for both expanding your reach and maximizing your sales potential on one of the world’s largest online marketplaces.


Significant Cost Savings

Save substantially with this subscription. Typically, eBay store fees are $24.95 per month, plus selling fees. However, with this offer, you can enjoy total savings of over $500 throughout the year. This exceptional value proposition not only boosts your profitability but also enables you to invest more in your collection.