Get Kronocard Pro AI
the eBay Connector 5000

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  • Get the Kronocard Pro Lite with 5,000 credits of AI documentation for your cards! 

  • Get the eBay connector 5,000 to list your cards faster on eBay!

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*This offer is exclusively available once per account. The deal is for 3 months only.

What you Can do with Kronocard

  • Scanning using flatbed and auto-feeder scanners
  • Sell on and eBay
  • Subscribe to eBay connector
  • Manage offers Manage orders
  • Powerful cards shipper
  • Backup mechanism
  • Unlimited cards in Kronocard
  • Advanced card search. (Build your own searches)
  • Sales report.
  • Status icons in the Scan Groups window are clickable and open a group edition window.
  • Edit group button in the message center
  • Status filters in the Location (Box) window
  • Extended buyer view in an Order Archive window
A world-first system that helps collectors document their cards using machine learning, artificial intelligence and computer vision!