Kronocard 2.6 installation procedure

Important!! If you installed 2.6.3 or less, please install the latest version you can find in the Download page.

With the new 2.5 release of Kronocard, we have made significant changes over the last couple of months to the way Kronocard communicates with eBay. Because many of our clients are listing large quantities of cards, the previous mechanism was slow and not well-suited for high volume. Now, in this version, we are using the same mechanism employed by large shops that list thousands to hundreds of thousands of listings per day. We are now utilizing what is called the LMS (Large Merchant Service API). For small quantities of cards, you may not notice much of a difference, but with a higher card count, the improvements will be noticeable day and night.

With this new eBay connector, we have also enhanced the security used to communicate with eBay. Unfortunately, that means a small procedure is necessary to allow for a smooth transition. Here are the steps to make the new connection work.


(No need to do that procedure if you have done it with 2.5.4+ Just install the new version)


  1. Do a full Kronocard Backup!
    Here is how
  2. Go to your Third-party eBay setting and remove the access to Kronocard.
    eBay Third Party
  3. Click on the Kronocard app in the list and click Revoke

  4. Log out of your eBay account.
  5. Install the latest Kronocard
    Kronocard 2.5 (Latest)
  6. Go back to Kronocard and authorize the eBay connector again.
    Here is how
  7. In some cases you need to repeat the step 6 a second time.

Now, everything should work smoothly! In some exceptional cases, you may need to perform the procedure twice.

If you need assistance, please contact our support team at

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