Scheduling your listing to eBay with Kronocard

Many of you have been using Kronocard for a significant time and have experienced the inconvenience of eBay’s fees for scheduling listings with a specific date and time. Kronocard ingeniously integrated its own scheduling feature, which allowed users to list their cards on eBay at their chosen start time without paying these additional fees.

Last summer, eBay made a favorable change by removing these scheduling fees. Consequently, there’s no longer an advantage to using Kronocard’s scheduling feature. Additionally, a limitation of using Kronocard’s scheduling was the necessity to keep your computer on for the listings to activate. Plus, the listing process was hampered by the platform’s traffic; during peak times, listings could be delayed.

We’re excited to inform you that we’ve adapted to this change to enhance your experience. Now, when you schedule a listing in Kronocard, it’s sent to eBay immediately but will only go live at the specific time and date you’ve set in Kronocard.

You can currently schedule Fixed Price or Auction listings up to one week in advance using Kronocard. We plan to extend this to three weeks, in line with eBay’s capabilities.

This will also integrate smoothly with the Large Merchant Services (LMS) limitations, which will no longer pose a problem with the new scheduling system.

Some of you that were affected the most are the ones that list auction with a delay between each listing. The current rate-limit imposed by eBay to list auction is 100 batches per 24h. This is not 100 listings but bulk listings. The ones that use a delay between listing is creating on batch of one card each listing. That means you are hitting the 100 limit really fast. Now with that new mechanism, you can list 1000 auctions in one 2 batches and being far from the limit as the cards will go directly on eBay with your delay between listings but managed by eBay.

We hope you will appreciate this new feature.

***** IMPORTANT NOTE *****

As of today, November 9, 2023, there are some issues that we are actively working to resolve in the coming hours or days.

  • Currently, it is not possible to modify an auction listed using Kronocard. Until this is fixed, we advise you to make any modifications directly on eBay.
  • Additionally, attempting to relist an auction that was previously unlisted has been hit or miss. This will also be addressed soon.

For Fixed Price items, there are no known issues at the moment.

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