Kronozio News for November

🚀 Big News Inside: Kronozio’s Latest and Greatest Updates! 🚀

We’ve got some super cool updates for you in this newsletter! Guess what? Our AI for sports cards just got a mega boost, and listing on eBay with Kronocard is smoother than ever. Plus, we’re now all about Disney Lorcana cards – how awesome is that? And there’s more! Grab a cup of your favorite drink, get comfy, and join us on this exciting journey. You’re not going to want to miss a bit of this!

Kronozio AI Version 2
Best AI documentation on the market

Supporting the vast array of sports card variations has always been a complex and challenging endeavor. However, we are excited to announce that, once again, we’ve achieved what seemed impossible. Our latest updates bring a significant increase in accuracy, especially for sports card parallels. This means you can now enjoy a more reliable and precise documentation process for your cherished card collections.

Furthermore, we’ve heard your feedback regarding Pokémon cards. Since the initial release of our AI, the performance in accurately documenting these beloved cards hasn’t been up to our standards. We’ve taken this to heart and have dedicated substantial efforts to improve this area. As a result, you’ll experience noticeably enhanced accuracy when documenting your Pokémon card collections. This upgrade is a testament to our commitment to constantly evolve and refine our technology to meet your needs and expectations.

Officially supporting Disney Lorcana

We are thrilled to share some fantastic news with our community! It’s official – we have expanded our documentation capabilities to include the enchanting world of Disney Lorcana cards! This addition marks a significant milestone for us, as we continue to diversify the range of cards supported by our AI technology.

In case you missed our earlier update, we’ve also recently broadened our AI-supported documentation to encompass the exciting realms of Racing and Wrestling cards. This expansion is part of our ongoing commitment to cater to the diverse interests of our collectors and enthusiasts.

But that’s not all – we’re constantly working to add even more categories to our repertoire. So, keep your eyes peeled and stay tuned for more updates coming your way soon. We’re just as excited as you are to see what new collections we can explore together in the near future!

New Kronocard with eBay Sync

We’re excited to share with you the latest version of Kronocard, now available and specially designed to enhance your item listing experience on eBay. When we initially released this version a few weeks ago, we encountered some unexpected challenges due to certain eBay restrictions. We understand that this may have caused some inconvenience, and we appreciate your patience and understanding as we worked diligently to address these issues.

Now, after thorough revisions and enhancements, we’re confident that this release surpasses our previous updates in terms of stability and functionality. It’s not just an update; it’s a significant advancement, tailored to provide a smoother and more efficient eBay listing process.

In addition to these improvements, we’ve also introduced an innovative feature to synchronize your eBay status back to Kronocard. This new mechanism is designed to resolve any discrepancies between Kronocard and eBay, ensuring a more reliable and seamless integration for managing your listings.

We’re committed to continuously refining our software to meet your needs and overcome any obstacles that arise. This latest version of Kronocard is a testament to that commitment, offering you a more efficient and streamlined experience for your online selling activities.

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